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About Mitsuharu Matsumoto Laboratory

The long-term targets of our laboratory are to develop human-friendly science and engineering and to understand human and life from cross-disciplinary prospects. We progress our research projects not only from engineering perspectives such as information processing and mechatronics but also from scientific perspectives such as physics, chemistry, and mathematics. We also would like to feedback our research results to industrial fields and general public. 

Our laboratory progresses our researches on perceptual information processing such as image processing, acoustical signal processing and tactile information. Our researches also include human-machine interaction and intelligent robotics.

Perceptual information processing is interdisciplinary and strongly related to industrial field and general public. We would like to progress our research with balancing scientific perspective and engineering perspective.

From scientific perspective, we would like to understand life and human throughout human-machine interaction and to progress various researches such as:

- Verbal-nonverbal communications with visual, auditory and tactile/haptic information
- Feature extraction using image processing
- Self-replication of 3 dimensional structures by controlling the environment

From engineering perspective, we would like to feedback our results to welfare engineering, security field, automobile industry, and so on, and to progress various researches such as:

- Internal noise reduction from the system inside
- Object detection system and applications of our results to car and security system
- Applications of passive self-replication to automation

Research themes

Acoustical signal processing / Musical information processing

- Noise reduction of acoustical signal using nonlinear filters
- Internal noise reduction combining microphones and piezoelectric devices

Image processing / Computer vision

- Feature extraction based on edge field analysis
- Edge extraction by band-pass ε-filter
- Impulse noise reduction based on nonlinear filters

Subjective computing / Artificial intelligence

- Parameter setting based on signal-noise decorrelation
- Parameter setting using recognition system
- Light and noise robust human detection system

Intelligent robotics

- Verbal and nonverbal communication using autonomous mobile robots
- Balance control of humanoid robot using tactile information
- Robot behavior model to build causality illusion after events

Self-replication system / Self-assembly system

- A study on passive self-replication to understand life and human
- Applications of cooking-like manufacturing to probablistic automation

Key words: Perceptual information processing, Intelligent robotics, Image processing, Acoustical signal processing, Verbal-nonverbal communications, Ubiquitous computing, Self-organized system
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