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Self-replication system / Self-assembly system

The conventional robotics require a lot of manpower for construction and maintenance.

On the other hand, living organisms can self-organize and self-replicate themselves.

We are studying self-assembly and self-replicatoin system to overcome the limitation of current manufacturing, and aim to apply our system to robotics and manufacturing.

Mitsuharu Matsumoto Laboratory aims to progress our research such as:

- Passive self-replication in the real world
- Cooking-like manufactring
- Development of origami type robots

We would like to understand the difference between life and machinery throughout our research projects and to apply our approach to a new-generation manufacturing and robotics.


A study on passive self-replication

We are studying self-replication system mimicing self-replication of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA). We aim to develop passive self-replication not by controlling parts themselves but by controlling the environment.

Cooking-like manufacturing

We are studying a new approach labeled cooking-like manufacturing. Cooking-like manufacturing is a method for creating various engineering products by boiling and stirring as is done in cooking.

Development of origami type robots

Origami is one of traditional Japanese play. We can achieve various types of structures from a paper. In this research, we pay attention to its feature and aim to develop trasformable robot flexibly from a sheet depending on environmental change.

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