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Awards of staff and students

Mar/2021 UEC Meguro-kai award, Mr. Ochi (B4) 目黒会賞 越智
Feb/2020 Best paper award in 25th International Symposium on Artificial Life and Robotics Arob2020 award
Mar/2019 UEC student award, Mr. Nozawa (M2) 学生表彰 野澤
Mar/2018 UEC student award, Ms. Ishida (M2) 学生表彰 石田
Mar/2018 UEC student award, Mr. Nishikawa (M2) 学生表彰 西川
Mar/2018 UEC Meguro-kai award, Ms. Uchino (B4) 目黒会賞 内野
Nov/2017 SSI2017 outstanding presentation award, Ms. Ishida (M2) SSI2017優秀発表賞
Mar/2017 UEC Meguro-kai award, Mr. Watanabe (M2) 目黒会賞(渡邉)
Jan/2016 Outstanding paper award in IEEE International Conference on Consumer Electronics ICCE2016
Mar/2014 UEC Meguro-kai award, Mr. Yasuda (B5) UEC Meguro-kai
Nov/2011 Keitai Society Research Report Contest  fine work, Mr. Iwakiri (B4) and Ms. Hata (B4) ケータイ社会研究レポートプロジェクト
Mar/2011 Forth FOST Kumada Award FOST熊田賞
Nov/2010 Best paper award in International Conference on Ubiquitous Robots and Ambient Intelligence URAI2011
Oct/2010 Outstanding paper award in International Conference on Control, Automation and Systems ICCAS2011
Nov/2009 Ericsson Young Scientist Award 2009 エリクソンヤングサイエンティストアワード
May/2009 Best paper award in the area of intelligent system in 2nd International Conference on Human System Interaction HSI2009
Dec/2008 3rd place award in the IEEE 2008 International Student Experimental Hands-on Project Competition via Internet on Intelligent Mechatronics and Automation HCIMA2009

Note: The grade shows it when s/he was awarded.
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