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Access to Mitsuharu Matsumoto Laboratory

Mitsuharu Matsumoto Laboratory

The University of Electro-Communications,
1-5-1, Chofugaoka, Chofu-shi, Tokyo, 182-8585, Japan

Office room: West-3 Building, Room 408
Experiment room: West-3 Building, Room 405
Student room: West-3 Building, Room 409

E-mail: mitsuharu [dot] matsumoto [at] ieee [dot] org
(Please replace [at] to @ and [dot] to .)

# Important notice

Recently, we receive many e-mails about joining our laboratory as "Kenkyusei".

Unfortunately, we currently have a lot of students and cannot accept the students as "Kenkyusei" due to the room limitation. Sorry for the rejection and please search another candidate.

If you would like to join our laboratory as master or doctor candidates, please prepare your CV and other related materials and contact Prof. Matsumoto.


Access to the University of Electro-communications

* Shinjuku station to Chofu station

Please come to Chofu station with a car, buses or trains.
It will be better not to use normail train but to use limited express (Tokkyu) or semi-limited express (Jun-Tokkyu) if you come to UEC from Shinjuku station by train.

It takes 14 minites from Shinjuku station if you use limited express or semi-limited express (240 yen).
Chofu station is the second station from Shinjuku station when you use limited express or semi-limited express.

Please get off at North Exit at Chofu Station after arriving Chofu station.

* Chofu station to UEC campus

Right in front is the "Dentsu-Dai Dori" (UEC street).
Please walk the street to the north till the end (about 300m), and turn left.
You can find the main entrance of the university on the right side.

* Inside the campus

Please enter East Campus and walk north along the street for about 50m. You can find East-1 Building on the right side. Our laboratory is placed on 8th floor. Please knock the door.

(C) Copyright 2009 - Mitsuharu Matsumoto, The university of electro-communications.