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"Development of mecha-bio frontier for human-machine coexistence:
- Human-friendly science and engineering
- Understanding of life and people from cross-disciplinary prospects

The long-term targets of Mitsuharu Matsumoto Laboratory are:

- to develop human-friendly science and engineering
- to recognize human and life from cross-disciplinary prospects.

We progress our research from interdisciplinary prospective with balancing scientific research and engineering research.

Currently, we especially aim to understand life using mechatronics and to develop base technologies helping elderly-people. Some examples are listed as follows:

- Parameter setting using recognition system
- Balance control of humanoid robot
- Passive self-replication in real world
- Noise and light robust feature extraction from facial and human images
- Noise reduction to obtain high-quality acoustical signal

Current works include image processing, acoustical signal processing, pattern recognition, intelligent robotics, self-assembly, and subjective computing.


【Image processing】 We are studying face image processing, feature extraction from biological images, noise reduction from noise corrupted images, and aim to apply them to robot vision and biometric authentication.

【Acoustical signal processing; Musical information processing】 We are studying noise reduction system from noise corrupted sounds to realize verbal interaction and conversational system for humanoid robot. We are also studying music information processing.

【Intelligent robotics】 We are studying humanoid robots and autonomous robots to recognize humans and to consider human-friendly robots.

【Interaction design】 We are studying human-robot interaction to make the interaction between human and robot safer and attactive for long-term human-robot interaction.

【Machine learning; Optimization system】 We are studying parameter optimization and learning system to adapt the environment automatically.

【Emotional information processing; Subjective computing】 We are studying emotional information processing and subjective computing to understand humans' heart and emotion.

【Mecha-bio frontier】 We would like to know the difference between life and machinery throughout imitating life by artificial structures in various environements such as chemical environment, mechanical environment, virtual environments.

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